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Welcome to VYNMSA

VYNMSA is a construction and development  company with 20 years of experience building AAA Industrial Buildings with industrial Parks in Mexico for international corporations. VYNMSA´s annual sales are above $ 25 million dollars, these revenues have helped  develop a  strong foundation of support.  Through the support of some of our affiliated companies, VYNMSA has used some of the industrial parks in Mexico and buildings that are under lease for use in its portfolio to enhance its expansion capabilities. As a result, in its industrial parks Mexico more than half of the properties portfolio is completely debt free.

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Industrial parks Mexico   |   Industrial parks  Monterrey

VYNMSA does not rely on loan possibilities to fund any of the industrial parks Mexico development projects.  One example: last year’s ¨Build to Suit¨ project for industrial parks Mexico consisted of one structure measured at 175,000 sq.ft. for a US based company.  We may in the future use equity from a few of our properties to acquire  new developments for industrial parks Mexico and industrial parks Monterrey.  This will increase future revenue and minimize debt.

VYNMSA’s interest portfolio of industrial parks Mexico includes key cities throughout Mexico; such as Monterrey and its metropolitan area, San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Montemorelos, and Aguascalientes. We co-own about 25 buildings, with sizes varying from 35,000 to 250,000 sq. ft.  Thanks to the diversification of industrial parks Mexico and developments  in our portfolio, we have  a low degree of risk. VYNMSA’s industrial parks and developments  have never reached a delinquency rate of 1% or greater.

Industrial parks Mexico   |   Industrial developments Mexico

VYNMSA is positioned as one of the most important players of the industrial real estate arena, mainly because of two aspects which have defined its core competencies: Service and Locations. VYNMSA has been able to exceed customers’ expectations by providing the best service in today’s industrial parks Mexico market. Customers can have peace of mind by fully relying on VYNMSA’s promise of delivering on budget and on time. VYNMSA has the best locations and projects for industrial parks Mexico  within the most important regions in the country.   Because being present with industrial parks Monterrey and in the most important cities is just not enough, VYNMSA knows that it is crucial for customers to have their locations in the best spots of each city. This is why, service and location, is what distinguishes VYNMSA from other companies offering  industrial parks Mexico.

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Industrial parks Mexico   |   Industrial real estate Mexico